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2019-01-07 to Present
Electrical Engineer
Frequency Electronics
Designed, simulated, programmed, and assembled a High Frequency Digital Phase Meter from start to finish(5-100 MHz).
Summer Camp Assistant
Hofstra University
Assisted teaching summer camp students civil engineering concepts.
2018-02-21 to 2018-12
Research Assistant
Hofstra University
Researching drone object detection and its applications. Utilizing artificial intelligence and video processing to detect vehicles
Truss Load Project
Designed and built a truss optimized to hold heavy loads, while maintaining light weight. The truss was less than 20 grams and held over a 100 N. Experience calculating the forces of each member and which member will fail first.
Operational Amplifier PSpice Project
Designed & modeled operational amplifier circuits in PSpice.
Demonstrated voltage depletion as a function of time. Analyzed all current meshes to solve for voltage, current, and power. Drew schematics that followed the specifications and constraints of the task.
CBS News
CBS Intern at First Presidential Debate of 2016
Assisted with setup and breakdown of CBS set for Presidential Debate Assisted coordinate the transfer of furniture, equipment, and other set materials Worked for 10+ people in the organization of a network production seen all over the world
2016-09-05 to 2020(Expected)
Hofstra University
B.S. Electrical Engineering Relevant Course Work: Computer Programming for Engineers and Engineering Design Awards and Honors: Dean’s List
High School
GPA:4.0 Relevant Course Work: Principals of Engineering, CAD, Design and Drawing
HHS VideoTech Club
Writer & Director
Created a video that promoted awareness against distracted driving Managed a collaboration with over 20 people
2014-09-08 to 2015-6
Principals of Engineering Class
Engineering Student
Designed ergonomic controller for hypothetical person with no arms and right foot Scored 8 out of 10 for ergonomic design and efficiency Completed entire controller for RC car within a 3 week time period
2012-09-10 to 2014-7
J-Birds Robotic Team 1468
Head Programmer of Scouting
Programmed a scouting application that replaces the 1000s of sheets of paper Built robot that placed 2nd in the FIRST Robotics Long Island Regional Experience being a team leader
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